AZYouthforce Staff


Samantha Hansen

Director of Workforce Development & Career Pathways

"I am an ASU graduate with a BA in Education. I started my career in workforce in 2003 as a case manager for adults and young adults. In 2007 I had the opportunity to lead a youth workforce program and I loved it. I love helping teens find their passion and reach their potential."


Josh Stine

Employer Partners

Derrick C - AZYouthforce Case Manager

Derrick Crawley

AZYouthforce Case Manager
University of Wisconsin-Platteville Richland

"My name is Derrick Crawley I am a club kid originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I love working with AZYouthforce because not only do I get to help prepare the next generations for the workforce and their futures. I also get to give back and be of service to the organization that changed my life and gave me a place I felt I belonged."

Ebonee R - Case Manager

Ebonee Robinson

AZYouthforce Case Manager
Arizona State University

"My name is Ebonee Robinson and I am an ASU graduate with a BS in Nonprofit Leadership and Management. I first got my start in youth development as an AmeriCorps Vista volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club in 2018. I have since worked with youth in many different capacities and found that I love working with teens the most. Being able to watch teens grow their skillset and flourish as they approach adulthood is my way of giving back and I am grateful that this is my career path."


Alica Moreno

AZ Youthforce Case Manager

"I was a club kid myself and once I aged out of the program, I knew I wanted to become a mentor like those who have mentored me so as soon as I turned 18, I applied to work with Boys & Girls Club. I am now at AZYouthforce and I love it because we get the opportunity to mentor teens and guide them to answer the big question anyone as a teen has been asked before and that is " What is your plan after graduation?". We help place them in an internship that interests them the most and continue helping them and provide resources once they become an AZYF Alumni. "


Elmer Valtierra

Group Case Manager

"I enjoy being a part of the AZYF team because I can provide opportunities for teens all over the Valley. I didn't have I had when I was a club member, such as the current internships and partnerships and continuing to mentor teens."

Paul LaBate Headshot

Paul LaBate

AZ Youthforce Business Developer

Paul LaBate joins AZ Youthforce as a Business Developer after spending his last two years in the organization as an Area Director.  Paul has worked in the non-profit sector and education for the past 18 years. He brings an array of expertise, professionalism, integrity, and passion to AZ Youthforce team and really treasures seeing young people succeed.

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Kara Holmes

Teen Outreach Coordinator

My name is Kara Holmes and I have been in youth development for over 12 years now. After spending most of this time in the club working with members from kindergarten-high school, I am looking forward to guiding our older members into the next part of their lives, the workforce. Instilling the importance of a great work ethic, responsibility, and accountability is so important and I am excited to be a part of AZYouthforce that does just that!

Kevin Chavez

Kevin Chavez

Program Manager Trainer

My name is Kevin Chavez I am a GCU ALUMNI and I am thrilled to embark on this journey of guiding and empowering young individuals. With a decade of experience working with youth and teens, I have witnessed the incredible transformations that can occur when young minds are provided with the right guidance, support, and opportunities. My primary objective is to ensure that all future leaders who cross my path have the tools and skills necessary to thrive and succeed in their endeavors.

AZYouthforce Ambassadors


Vivian Pelayo

AZYF Ambassador

Meet Vivian, an ambassador for AZYF for the past year. Since joining the team, she has learned the many different qualities that AZYF holds. Her favorite thing to do is visit our youth interns and photograph them in their internship positions. She started out as a Bank of America intern and has advanced within our organization ever since!


Fabiola Villa

AZYF Ambassador

Fabiola was an intern at Footprint arena in 2020. She is now a part time employee and attending ASU full time majoring in Psychology. She is scheduled to graduate in May 2023. She became an Ambassador in 2020/2021. She enjoyed community events and sharing her story with future AZYouthforce interns. She also participated in the Old Navy seasonal program and worked there for over two years. She is grateful to AZYouthforce because she learned a lot of meaningful skills.


Cesar Soberanes

AZYF Ambassador

Meet Cesar! He was an intern at Footprint arena in 2020. He is now part of their ticketing team part-time and attending Phoenix College for his AA degree; he expects to graduate in fall 2023 and transfer to ASU. Cesar continues to engage in any way he can by sharing his journey with incoming Footprint interns or referring new teens. He is extremely grateful for the opportunity and the preparation AZYouthforce provided.


Jacqueline Lerma

AZYF Ambassador

Jackie was an intern at Footprint arena in 2020. Jackie completed her internship at Footprint Arena in 2021 where she then became a part-time employee as a dispatcher; she stayed with the company for a little over six months. Then moved to a full-time position with another company as she continued her education at ASU.


Timanie Hennesy

AZYF Ambassador

Timanie is a Bank of America Alumni. She participated in BofA internship in 2022 and graduated High school in May 2022. She is currently working on her own business as a travel agent and most recently joined AZYouthforce as an Ambassador. She wants to learn more leadership skills and be able to share with experience with other teens.

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Ruby Luviano-Gonzalez

AZYF Ambassador

Meet Ruby, she is from Phoenix, Arizona. Ruby attended Robson club as a child where she learn about all the great opportunities the club had to offer.  She successfully completed the Bank of America internship in summer of 2022. Subsequent to this enriching experience, she has taken the next step to become an AZYouthforce Ambassador. Ruby is currently pursuing her academic endeavors at Arizona State University, where she is pursuing a major in criminology.

Ambassador Nate

Nate Altaee

AZYF Ambassador

I went to Maryvale High School, I’m currently at phoenix college taking general courses. I joined AZYF Jiffy Lube internship back in 2020 for a few weeks then decided to try footprint center internship  since I love the Phoenix Suns.  My experience there has lead me to stay as part time employee as a GSR.  The reason I wanted to become and an Ambassador is to help AZYF  because in a way they helped me, and I also love to help people.

Janneth Martinez (1)

Janneth Martinez

AZYF Ambassador

Janneth was a part of the first cohort when the program started in 2019. She first started her internship at the footprint arena and later joined Taco Bell during the summer. Janneth is on track to graduate from ASU in May 2024 with a Bachelor’s Degree in interdisciplinary studies with concentrations in Business and Psychology. She is currently pursuing her career in non-profit organizations

BofA Celebration-31 Roberto Moreno

Roberto Moreno

AZYF Ambassador

My name is Roberto Moreno and I am a Junior Ambassador. I started out as an intern for Bank of America through the AZYouthForce program and It changed my life. I will graduate from GCU April 2024 with a BA in Business Administration. In a world filled with chaos, our youth need role models to help mentor and guide them through it. I’m honored to be able to provide them opportunities and impact the next generation of leaders.


Denver Bryant

AZYF Ambassador

Hi there! My name is Denver Bryant, and I am a AZ Youth Force Ambassador. I joined the program in Summer of 2023, and became an intern for Bank Of America as a Digital Ambassador. As someone who went through the program, my internship was a way for me to learn about the banking industry, grow as a person, and apply the teachings to my everyday life. Now as an AZ Youth Force Ambassador, I would love to be that same guide for future interns going through that same process I did. Currently, I am studying at Arizona State University, majoring in Film & Media Production to become a professional video editor.