Your Future Begins Here! Make a difference in YOUR life and in YOUR community TODAY.

Why AZYouthforce?

Build your resume. Gain meaningful work experience. Benefit from a mentor who is invested in YOUR success. Contribute to your community by learning about and working in a local business.

AZYouthforce trains and connects Valley teens to be successful in paid internships with diverse employers located throughout the Valley.

What do You Gain?

  • You are paid to contribute your intelligence, motivation
    and talents to a local business.
  • During this internship, you get to learn about the workplace with the guidance and support of a mentor.
  • Internships range from 8 weeks to 18 weeks. There are
    group internships and career internships. Both types
    give you a “foot in the door.”
  • You gain work experience - perfect for a college or job
    application while exploring and developing your career
    and educational plans.
  • You will meet other teens from around the Valley.

The Details


You must be between 16 and 19 years old and enrolled in school. You do not have to be a member of BGCAZ to apply.


You must be able to complete 30 hours of Essential Skills training (AZYouthforce Academy). This program will develop essential skills and offer workplace training including customer service, the importance of mindset, resume writing, public speaking, and financial literacy.

Internship Placement

You will be matched to a paid internship with our Employer Partners and then work with a mentor who will coach you throughout your internship to build your skills and help you succeed.


Interns receive a minimum of one year of follow-up from our program. We encourage graduates of our program to stay in touch and rely on our support and guidance for as long as you need.

All Employer Partners are focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in their workforce development and hiring programs.

“I’d never thought about working in a bank. Working with AZYouthforce at a Bank of America internship opened my eyes to so many possibilities and I learned so much from my mentor. I’m considering a career in finance or business!”
— Annais

“I gained knowledge about banking and the importance of saving money and making smart money choices. I learned how to properly interact with our clients in order to best fulfill their needs. It was a great experience overall.”
— Nadia, 18,
Bank of America intern

Questions from Teenagers

Most companies pay minimum wage but there are some that pay anywhere from $16-$22 per hour