Skilled Trade Education Program Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is to assist underserved teens interested in Skilled Trades as a career with the cost of (tuition, books, and tools). Scholarship funds will be granted twice a year, one scholarship in the summer and one scholarship in the fall. The first year will focus on the areas of Automotive, Electrical, and Apartment Maintenance. AZYouthforce will take into consideration other trades based on cost and additional financial aid resources.


  • HS Seniors or graduating within the application year
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Complete an AZYF internship
  • Apply for FAFSA (if available at the chosen institution)
  • Male or Female
  • Financial need statement
  • Unofficial transcripts GPA 2.0
  • One letter recommendation
  • Applicants will use Pell Grant first then scholarship funds
  • Scholarship amount $3000 up to $5000 depending on FAFSA


  • 1 Interested applicants must submit application, which includes financial need statement and letter of recommendation.
  • 2 AZYF team along with other staff members will review application and recommend the candidate to receive scholarship
  • 3 AZYF staff member will remain in touch with student during the training to provide support

Why the establishment of a Skilled Trades Scholarship Program is Important to the Bloss Family

The neighborhood my wife and I grew up in consisted mainly of factory workers, mom and pop small businesses, etc; the typical blue-collar environment. Both of our fathers lost their jobs when the Studebaker Auto plant closed it’s doors in the mid 60’s. This not only devastated our families but the entire community as well.

Not having any technical skills to fall back on, they both took jobs that paid the bills, but not much more. They were the fortunate ones.

We decided to establish this AZYouthforce Skilled Trades Scholarship fund because we believe that having a skilled trade capability is vital for a person’s long term financial stability, especially for those teens that don’t see themselves succeeding in a 4 year college degree environment. With a background in a sought-after trade, a young person has the opportunity for a meaningful future, full of promise, success and personal accomplishment that will last a lifetime.