Adan's Story

Adan is a 17-year-old Junior in high school and is currently completing an Internship at Jiffy Lube. Adan has faced a lot of challenges, such as having to quit school when he was 12 and working as a mechanic in Honduras to help his family survive. He was separated from his aunt at the Mexico/US border and spent the next several months in shelters before he came to Arizona and was placed in foster care. He had moved to 3 different foster homes and finally landed at his permanent home where he will stay until he's ready to become independent.

Adan’s foster parent stated, “When he came to our house, he was lacking direction and confidence. I saw a major shift in him during the three-week training program for Arizona Boys & Girls Club where he learned customer service skills and what a ten-year life plan looked like” adding, “I watched him refocus his mind on his future instead of just gliding through school!”

Adan has been outstanding, always respectful, committed, and always with a smile on his face. Adan was offered permanent employment at the Jiffy Lube where he currently Inters, he accepted the position and will become permanent upon completing his Internship. Adan’s manager stated, “ADAN IS AMAZING!!! HE IS EXCELLING IN ALL POSITIONS OF THE JOB. HARD-WORKING ALWAYS FINDING SOMETHING TO DO. HE IS GREAT WITH COMMUNICATING HIS STRUGGLES!”

We wish Adan an abundance of success in his future!