About this Internship

Now is the perfect time to upskill with Google – and for free.

Take advantage of the opportunity to start a rewarding, profitable career for minimal commitment and NO cost. Selected participants will get a valuable Google Career Certificate that will set them up for an awesome career. Believe in yourself and take the plunge – we’re ready for you.


    • Google IT Support Certificate is designed to prepare learners for roles in IT support. Graduates will: 
        • Understand core concepts to all IT Support jobs, including troubleshooting, customer service, networking, system administration, operating systems, and security.

        • Know how to assemble a computer, write effective support documentation, route paths and subnets, manage device software, and more.

        • Dive into working with Linux, Cloud computing, and Command-Line interfaces.

        • Be prepared for in-demand jobs such as: Technical Support Specialist, IT Help Desk, Computer Support Specialist, IT Manager, IT Administrator, Network Administrator, etc.

    • Google Data Analytics Certificate is designed to prepare learners for roles in data analytics. Graduates will:
        • Have working knowledge of essential data analysis platforms (Excel, SQL, Tableau, R) and when to use them in the data lifecycle.

        • Understand how to translate a business question into a data analysis exercise, including transforming, visualizing, and modeling data.

        • Know how to distill findings into actionable takeaways.

        • Have a capstone project completed, to be shared on their resume.

        • Be prepared for in-demand jobs such as: Junior Data Analyst, Finance Analyst, Data Technician, Business Performance Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Healthcare Analyst, Data Specialist, SQL Server Database Administrator, etc. 

    • Google Project Management Certificate is designed to prepare learners for roles in project management. Graduates will:
        • Know how to manage and run agile and traditional projects and programs from initiation to completion.

        • Possess a toolbox of templates and artifacts to manage an array of scenarios and essential elements (e.g. schedules, budgets, product requirements, etc.).

        • Understand organizational structure, business process and acumen, and communication and leadership styles.

        • Be prepared for in-demand jobs such as: Project Manager, Program Manager, Project Coordinator, Operations Manager, Supply Chain Project Manager, Project Management Analyst, Administrative Manager, Process Manager, Compliance Manager, etc.

    • Google User Experience Design Certificate is designed to prepare learners for roles in user experience (UX) Design. Graduates will:
        • Have a portfolio including 3+ projects.

        • Dive into working in Figma and Adobe XD – two of the most in-demand tools by employers.

        • Know core concepts key to all UX design jobs (e.g. usability studies, design sprints, accessibility).

        • Grasp the basics of UX research and how it informs design.

        • Be prepared for in-demand jobs such as: User Experience (UX) Designer, User Interface (UI) Designer, Web Designer, E-commerce Web Designer, User Experience (UX) Researcher, Product Designer, Industrial Designer, Graphic Designer, etc.



    • Must be at least 16 years old

    • Can only choose one Google Career Certificate Program to study online

    • Must have a reliable internet connection and a computer with at least 1 GB of memory/RAM

    • Must complete 10 hours of Essential Skills Training with AZYouthforce

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