How to Dress for Success: Speed Networking, Internships, AZYF Academy✨

October 18, 2023 /

Are you a teenager gearing up for the AZYF Academy, speed networking events, interviews, or even an internship? It is very natural to feel a bit intimidated by the idea of dressing professionally! But you are not alone, and we want to address all your questions about how to get started.

You can absolutely maintain your personal style while embracing adulthood. The key is finding a balance between self-expression and appropriate attire. A universal tip to always follow is when in doubt, it’s better to dress up a more than to dress down.

How should I dress to prepare for the AZYF Academy, speed networking, and interviews?

AZYF Academy: For the AZYF Academy, you can wear regular school clothes unless notified otherwise. We want you to feel comfortable and natural! (FYI: The AZYF Academy are held on three consecutive Saturdays, full days 8AM – 4PM. It’s where you and your peers are trained and prepped for your big job!)

Speed Networking and Interviews: On the other hand, speed networking and interviews are an opportunity to showcase your professional self and make a lasting impression. Dress codes may vary, but the general rule is to be polished and put-together.

👍 What to Wear:

  • A well-fitted blazer (A suit jacket)
  • Button-down shirt or blouse. With a collar!
  • Ties? Why not! 👔
  • Clean, pressed slacks (grey, khaki, navy blue) – or – a skirt are a great option.
  • Leather “dress” shoes. 👞 👠
  • Guys – Don’t forget dress socks!
  • Bottom Line – Even inexpensive “dress clothes” look NICE when they are clean and ironed!

🙅‍♂️ What Not to Wear:

  • T-shirts / Tanks 🎽
  • Denim / Jeans 👖
  • Sneakers 👟
  • White socks 🧦
  • Intense jewelry 👑 💎
  • Bottom Line – Casual clothes are only for hanging out with friends. When it’s time to work, you want to DRESS TO IMPRESS.

What am I expected to wear for my internship?

Your internship attire will likely vary depending on the industry. Some internships may have specific uniforms, while others require attire appropriate to the company’s culture and expectations. For example, some creative industries might allow for more casual attire, like business casual, while corporate settings, such as banking might require full business attire. We’ll work with you so that you are dressed-to-impress for your first day on the job!

AZYF Academy can help!

Throughout the AZYF Academy, you will have the opportunity to seek guidance from Travis. Travis is our go-to person at AZYF for helping you get suited up. He can offer advice on what to wear and where to find affordable options.

Eager to get started? Start today applying for an AZYF Internship!

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