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October 31, 2023 /

AZYouthforce Coordinator Kara Holmes and AZYouthforce Ambassador Janneth Martinez appeared on Arizona Midday on 12 News and answered some questions about all of the amazing things that AZYouthforce has to offer.

How does AZYouthforce help teens to find jobs?

AZYouthforce helps teens to find jobs by connecting them with local businesses throughout the valley. From there, teens have the opportunity to work in paid internships! AZYouthforce does a lot more than just help teens find jobs, though. We also help to prepare teens for the rest of their professional lives by assisting them in developing soft skills.

What makes AZYouthforce unique?

At AZYF, we pride ourselves in the fact that we do not just offer teens a job opportunity. We also assist teens in their career journey each step of the way. AZYF offers the academy of soft skills. Of course we’ll help you with your resume, but we help you feel equipped to network, we teach you how to dress professional, and prepare you for big interviews. We want you to be confident and get that big job!

Don’t be worried if these are skills that you are unfamiliar with, though! AZYouthforce offers mentorship and coaching throughout the entire process! Teens who have completed our program are even offered support after they are out of the AZYF program. This means you have access to adults who want you to succeed in life and help you start a rewarding career!

What kind of internships does AZYouthforce offer?

AZYouthforce offers a wide variety of internships for teens in numerous different fields. The best part is, the decision of which field you want to intern in is completely up to you!

AZYF connects teens with internships in…

What will a teen’s internship experience with AZYouthforce look like?

When asked this question on Arizona Midday, AZYouthforce Ambassador Janneth Martinez talked about the fact that she was able to meet so many different professionals from various fields and also gain access to a variety of resources through the program. Janneth shared, “The staff was great and always willing to help.” Janneth also said that she learned to stay confident in herself and know that her hardships don’t dictate her future. At first, when she joined AZYF, she was very nervous and scared about the prospect of entering the business world through an internship. However, AZYF helped her through the whole process, and she is now very confident in herself and her ability to succeed. Janneth has a very bright future ahead and is going to be graduating from ASU in the fall! 🤘

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